1968: WEEK 15

1968: WEEK 15

"Poor Ma felt so unrelaxed with her back."

"Poor Ma felt so unrelaxed with her back."

Monday, 8 April

Mummy's back aches. I hope it's not a slipped disc.

I've had a lovely thought. The year before last, Dutronc was at the Porsche race - so he says - which was held the day we left. In other words, he may come late this year too. It's just a thought, but I don't see why it's not possible.

Went up the Schledelkopf and Petersboden with June, Ma and Pa. Beautiful snow, and I skied fantastically fast. Poor Mummy felt so unrelaxed with her back that she couldn't really - and June's ski pants split!!! 

The South African man we met on the train arrived, with his daughter. She's 20 and awfully sweet, and she asked if I'd like to come over to their hotel (the Tannbergerhof) as she's met some English people. I said we're already going out, because we are - bit of a relief. But of course, they might have been nice, and my hair is still pretty good.

Had dinner in the little room, rather a nice boy at the next table. Honestly, Wally is the funniest person I know. Once I was nearly crying with laughter because he's got this trick of karate-ching the top off the Apelsaft bottle, pretending he does it with all parts of his body when actually it's his thumb! 

We were going to go to the Scotch Club tonight and now we're not so I'm a bit fed up. I'm the only one who's keen to go dancing. 

Tuesday, 9 April

It was glorious all day.

We all went up the Schledelkopf, then the Kriegerhorn, and then the new cable car, the Mohnenflug. We lost Daddy and Wally, then found them. Marvellous snow, and the new run was heavenly. I'd forgotten how exciting skiing is! The only thing that spoilt the morning was Chumpy fell over and burst into tears like a baby. Ma was mildly telling her off and Daddy got furious with Ma. The trouble is he's exactly like Chump: immediately the slightest thing goes wrong, he won't let anyone have any peace. The sun was so marvellous we decided to have lunch on the slopes, which suited me fine; I can't stand a huge meal in the middle of the day. 

French boys in cords - they always wear cords! - in the queue so I sang 'Encore Un Mois' continually! Fantastic ski down, Chump and me went charging ahead. I'm surprised how well my parallels are coming along. Then up the Hexenboden. Taxi back.

All went along to the Tannbergerhof where we sat outside with the South African man and had tea. My hair is now not so nice. Service took ages and my hot chocolate wasn't as good as the Post's. Inside it's very dark, but I could see quite a lot of snazzies - I thought one was Dutronc! Quite a good band - Daddy danced with me for two songs (he's hopeless though!). Sat down and almost immediately this boy came up and ask me to dance. He was American and hated Negros which put me thoroughly off. He had curlyish dark hair and was rather a weed. The only good thing about him was he'd heard of Polnareff. He came and sat at our table, awful bore. I put him off asking me out by saying I was going to the Scotch Club with someone tonight! 

All played Oh Hell after supper. We weren't making much noise - not nearly as much as the family with the man with one leg, anyway - and this foul snobby German man came up and said, "would you please be a bit quieter?" As if that wasn't enough he added, "everybody is complaining." I ask you, the cheek. As Sal would have said, he was thoroughly spastic! We then let off a very loud "shhh" every time anyone opened their mouths.

At 9.30 we left for the Scotch Club. Had a fantastic evening because five people asked me to dance (I think it was my mini-skirt!). Fantastic music - 'Bend Me, Shape Me' etc, even 'Dock of the Bay'. Very dark inside and dreadfully hot and smokey, I've now got such a headache. We hadn't been sitting down very long when a tall chap came up and asked me to dance. He was a law student and we spoke in English and German. We split up when there was a break. Drank Coke. Second partner was French, but he was 4" shorter than me and rather fat. Spoke all in French and I'm sure I mentioned Polnareff. (I was Polnareff plugging all evening!) Fourth chap rather nice. fair hair, Austrian, and loved soul. Several chaps asked Chump to dance but she was too shy! She had her hair pulled back French style so she looked about 15. 

I've danced with six boys today. Makes me feel I can't be too bad after all.

Wednesday, 10 April

Went down the Kriegerhorn in the morning, down Grannie's Pass. Tony came with us. He's the best of the Lebanons, and Douglas is the most unpleasant. He's the most pugnacious child I have ever met. Beautiful whooshy runs; I adore skiing when you can absolutely whizz. When we were waiting for Wally - last as usual! - Pa and me lay on the grassy patches at the side and had a fabulous rest. 

There's been an awful crash at London Airport but the incredible thing is, 121 people escaped. I feel scared of going back by plane now. Went to the Matlock in the afternoon, Tony came too. I can't say I enjoyed it because it was terribly icy, much harder than ever before and so steep you get absolutely worn out. But once I'd turned, I found I was racing across the mountainside like a scalded cat and simply couldn't stop! Tony and me sat down or lay down when we had to wait. I had a beastly fall once, I was absolutely winded.

Back at the Post sat out on the terrace and read Kinderseele; I meant to finish it today, haha. My hair has suddenly got greasyish, I haven't washed it for six days.

Wally's last dinner. He and Daddy talked about when they were at school together and all the things they got up to. I'm not surprised Wally was expelled! Peter seems to be taking after him. One day Wally found Peter and Annette in the bedroom with an empty bottle of whisky, Peter looked at him and said, "Annette doesn't like it"! Actually they'd poured it down the basin!! Jolly lucky, it could have killed them.

Went to bed at 10. Susie came into us about five minutes later accusing us of tying her pyjamas in knots. We can't imagine who's done it - it must be the maid!!! 

Thursday, 11 April

"When we got back I went swimming!"

"When we got back I went swimming!"

Almost cried at breakfast because of Dutronc.

Went to the Mohnenflug but had to wait one and a half hours for the lifts. Lots of little French boys in the cable-car queue, they gabbled away, I could have listened to them for hours. Quite a nice ski although slushy because of sun. In the afternoon I fell over once with an awful bang, and burst into tears. Everything would be different if Dutronc was here, down to the minutest detail. I'd be bursting with so much happiness I wouldn't know what to do.

When we got back I went swimming! But it didn't matter as I was going to wash my hair. Wally left - awful pity really. Hair has come out good again. 

After supper these friends of the Austin-Smiths arrived. Fortunately they turned out to be terribly nice, especially the mother. Ian is 18 and Gillian 15. Ian goes to Harrow (he knows Mike d'Abo!), he is quite a snazz and awfully nice. Ma and me had a long chat with him about plays and films, sailing and skiing. Towards the end we just discussed hospitals; Mr G is a doctor and works in one, and Daddy of course is designing one. They left pretty late.

It's now snowing a little.

My face looks hideous when it's red.

Friday, 12 April

Rather nice skiing because of new snow. I still skied pretty badly. Stopped at the cafe but had lunch at the Post because there was trout.

If Dutronc isn't here by 9 o'clock this evening I've decided that he's just not coming. I'm sure they get Good Friday off in Germany so his father would be free to leave early this morning, and if they left very early they'd be here by 9. Of course, they might come tomorrow, but Saturday's a bad day to travel on. It's hope which keeps me going.

I didn't go skiing in the afternoon because too snowy. 

It was so funny, a few minutes ago these two blokes were throwing snowballs up at our window! We kept on peeping through the curtains at them. They've gone now.

It's 9pm. Dutronc hasn't come. 

Saturday, 13 April

"Stopped in a Zug cafe till the taxi came."

"Stopped in a Zug cafe till the taxi came."

All of us went to the Kriegerhorn - tremendous queue - and had the most beautiful ski down. We went the sort of back way down to Zug. The snow was powdery, the sun was shining and there wasn't a soul in sight - Chump said it looked too much like a film set to be real! Daddy is right when he says the wonderful thing about skiing is the peace; if you stand still and listen you'll hear beautiful silence. This year a helicopter service has started, which sounds marvellous - but in a few years' time there could be ten of them and no-one will be able to ski in peace. Stopped in a Zug cafe till the taxi came.

The Dutch people have left - that girl does annoy me. She looks like she's awfully pleased with herself, speaking so many languages.

Us four and June went to the Rufikopf after lunch. Long queue but I didn't mind as a really fabulous boy, rather like Paul Jones, was in front of us with his parents, sister and brother. He was wearing a black and white striped tight-fitting anorak. At first I thought he looked a bit pleased with himself, but I don't think he is. Unfortunately we went a different way down the Rufi from them, the back way, which isn't very nice when there's a mist, which there was. My hands got frozen and I skied appallingly down the last bit and snow-ploughed all the way which I'm very fed up about because who should be standing at the bottom looking at me but - the fab boy in the queue!

When we got back to the Post we came down the stairs and who should be there going into the sitting-room but him and his family! Such an extraordinary coincidence. We went in a little later and he kept on turning round and glancing at me - he is pretty fab. When they left I watched them from my bedroom window to see where they went: they're staying at a 'pension' behind Hotel Schnieder.

Ma and Pa went to a cocktail party in the Post's Little House. Everyone who's stayed in Lech for ten years or more gets a badge - ten years a silver one, 15 years a gold one! Pa came back 'betrunken' so dinner was rather merry. He said he spoke to the one-leg family whose daughter wants to be an architect - when she leaves school. Even though they stay at school till they're 20 in Germany, I thought she was older than that.

I looked really nice this evening. But what is the point?

Sunday, 14 April

Super Easter eggs on everyone's tables at breakfast, plus a fabulous box from Ma and Pa for us. Felt a bit mean as Susie and Bill got nothing.

We went skiing early, about 9.30. Fabulous sunshine all day. Susie and Bill did jolly well, but Daddy wanted to avoid the little meat-hook so we all had to walk miles. In the Mohnenflug queue I felt dreadfully pining for Dutronc. Went up the Kriegerhorn and came the hard way down. Skied down to the Petersboden through a beautiful way in the woods. Back for a fabulous lunch - home-made bircher muesli, lamb with Duchsse potatoes and rum-flavoured ice.

Didn't ski but lay out on the terrace and sunbathed. Later, June, Dad, Chump and me walked through the village and past the Tannbergerhof where the swinging youth of Lech hang out. Wish I could be one of them, and yet I couldn't bear to. 

Wrote cards to Lucy, grandparents and the Reids, and a letter to Anya; I poured out all my troubles to her which made me feel better. After dinner everyone went outside to watch the skiers carrying flares come down the mountainside. They started off as yellow and turned to red and green, then two marvellous fireworks were let off. But that was all! We were expecting a huge display!

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