The first minute and a bit of 'Frost Over England', a compilation of the best bits from the 'Frost Report'. Our family watched religiously every week

F R I D A Y,  5  M A Y

Rosebery Day. Wore my white ribbed jumper (no shirt and tie), and we put primroses in our buttonholes. In Prayers there was a speech - some local headmaster - about how our generation, living in an affluent society, is missing out on the challenges that the previous generation had, because they lived in a time of unemployment and poverty. I can't say I agree.

After Prayers Miss Lack told us the most FAB thing. The Africa cruise is going to be cancelled - only 21 of us want to go - and instead they're going to do the Mediterranean one!!! There'll still be dormitories, worse luck.

Walked to the end of Whitehorse Drive because Lucy's mum was driving us to my house.

This corny chap in a van put his flirty head out of the window and stared like mad - the umbrellas again!

Back home Lucy and me went for a walk - with the umbrellas - down to the tennis court, where we found two snazzies working on it. Got more stares.

At supper Lucy and me spoke German, then French - it was difficult switching between the two. Then danced to my French records. Lucy thinks the French are better musically than the English. I so agree.

Back to school for 7pm, and went into the Hall. We decided to sit near the front on the floor: Tig, Anya, me, Lucy. At last it began, Form 5B's sketch. Well, it was marvellous. Janice wrote it at the last minute on Wednesday night and they called it 'Snow over Rosebery' instead of 'Frost over England', with the theme tune and everything'!!!

Hilary was David Frost, and everyone ROARED with laughter!

Then there was the Prefects Play - marvellous - and then the Staff Play - hilarious!! At first I couldn't believe the teachers were the pupils - Anya's French student with her hair down, Mrs Brown the lab assistant with her hair down, Miss Sinton, oh she looked so sweet in a mini skirt (she's got fab legs), and with all her hair loose. The 'naughty girls' were at the back of the class, including Google Eye in a mini skirt reading a book about the Monkees (!!!) and then little Miss Goody Goody at the front - Miss Barker, she was 3" away from Birdy, her hand ten feet up in the air, "please sir, please sir" ... oh it was HILARIOUS.

Chump and me spent an hour talking about it all when we got home. I'm so glad she saw the Prefects Play, though she was mad she wasn't allowed to see the Staff one.

David Frost and β€˜The Frost Report’

David Frost and the dream team (spot John Cleese and Ronnie Barker). Each half-hour episode was transmitted live.