January 1967

Ingrid is invited to, and dreads, a New Year’s house party full of public school types. Luckily, no boys pounce.

French pop music is an increasing presence in her bedroom, and vies with revision for mock ‘O’s.

Awestruck school friend Lucy accompanies the family to The Boat Show 1967, followed by supper at a bistro on the King’s Road.

Ingrid despises Swinging London, but is tempted by the clothes.


February 1967

The family purchase the garden next door, in order to gain a tennis court.

Ingrid and school friend Anya reminisce, daily, on Mr Finkelstein (last year’s heart throb).

Mummy throws a fun ski party, at which Ingrid and sister Chumpy serve gluvine and don Austrian national dress.

The decline of civilization is discussed at home – many times.

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March 1967

Mr Finkelstein, and why he left for Leicestershire, is discussed at length.

Early ‘O’ Level results come through, and are favourable.

Ingrid complains about her sister Chump and states she cannot bear a messy home.

The family leave for their skiing holiday in the Austrian Alps and Ingrid notices an attractive young German staying at the same hotel (Chumpy believes he’s 18).